LearningWorks, a partnership of Career Ladders Project, supports and publishes research and policy recommendations to improve community college student success.

Our mission is to strengthen student achievement in the California Community Colleges. We work to facilitate, disseminate and fund practitioner-informed recommendations for change at the system and classroom levels. We ground these ideas in insights gained from statewide and national research.

LearningWorks was founded in response to recommendations developed at a series of statewide convenings that included a broad cross-section of community college faculty, student services professionals, administrators, funders, and other experts. The founding partners include Career Ladders Project, RP Group, and the California Community Colleges Success Network (3CSN). LearningWorks also engages and partners with other organizations, experts, and individual leaders — in California and beyond.

LearningWorks strives to clarify the trajectories that students take through community college: certificate programs, associate degrees, transfer, life-long learning, and professional development. Understanding how students interact with community colleges, we will be able to develop an analysis of successful completion in each of these contexts and determine how we can better support students in completing these trajectories.