“Decisions about math requirements and expectations will have a major impact on the academic opportunities of millions of students nationally.”
The DEGREES OF FREEDOM series explores college math requirements in California and nationally and their role in limiting access to higher education. The reports were written by higher education policy analyst Pamela Burdman and co-published by LearningWorks and Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE).
  1. DEGREES OF FREEDOM: Diversifying Math Requirements for College Readiness and Graduation highlights efforts to diversify college math requirements to align with students’ college majors and the challenges and opportunities in implementing those changes.
  2. DEGREES OF FREEDOM: Varying Routes to Math Readiness and the Challenge of Intersegmental Alignment sheds new light on alternative remedial pathways and obstacles to their implementation, with a focus on policies that govern transfer from two-year colleges to four-year universities in California.
  3. DEGREES OF FREEDOM: Probing Math Placement Policies at California Colleges and Universities, the last in the series, examines the limitations of math placement exams, asking whether they unfairly send the majority of community college students to remedial math courses, thereby deterring them from completing a degree.