Testing and Beyond: A Summit on the Future of College Math Placement – Nov 10th, 2015 Oakland California

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Participant List

Advisory Circle Members

Panelist and Facilitator Bios

Math Placement Tests Deserve More Scrutiny
Pamela Burdman

College Math Placement: The California Context

Degrees of Freedom: Probing Math Placement Policies at California Colleges and Universities (Part Three of a Three-part Series)
Pamela Burdman
LearningWorks and Policy Analysis for California Education

Where to Begin? The Evolving Role of Placement Exams for Students Starting College
Pamela Burdman
Jobs for the Future

Changing Equations
Pamela Burdman

Placement Tests: What Do We Know About Efficacy and Equity?

Placed for Success: How California Community Colleges can improve accuracy of placement in English and math courses, reduce remediation rates, and improve student success
Mina Dadgar, Linda Collins, & Kathleen Schaefer
Career Ladders Project

Referral, Enrollment, and Completion in Developmental Education Sequences in Community Colleges
Thomas Bailey, Dong Wook Jeong, and Sung-Woo Cho
Community College Research Center

Assessing Developmental Assessment in Community Colleges: A Review of the Literature
Katherine L. Hughes and Judith Scott-Clayton
Community College Research Center

Improving the Targeting of Treatment: Evidence from College Remediation
Judith Scott-Clayton, Peter M. Crosta, and Clive R. Belfield
National Bureau of Economic Research

Do High-Stakes Placement Exams Predict College Success?
Judith Scott-Clayton
Community College Research Center

Increasing Access to College-Level Math: Early Outcomes Using the Virginia Placement Test
Olga Rodríguez
Community College Research Center

Calculating the Costs of Remedial Placement Testing
Olga Rodríguez, Brooks Bowden, Clive Belfield, and Judith Scott-Clayton
Community College Research Center

A Different View of How We Understand Progression Through the Developmental Math Trajectory
Kristen E. Fong, Tatiana Melguizo, George Prather, and Johannes M. Bos
University of Southern California

Are Community Colleges Making Good Placement Decisions in Their Math Trajectories?
Tatiana Melguizo, Johannes M. Bos, and George Prather
University of Southern California

Course Placement in Developmental Education: Do Multiple Measures Work?
Federick Ngo, Will Kwon, Tatiana Melguizo, George Prather, and Johannes M. Bos
University of Southern California

How Are Assessment and Placement Policies for Developmental Math Designed and Implemented in California Community Colleges?
Holly Kosiewicz, Tatiana Melguizo, George Prather, and Johannes M. Bos
University of Southern California

How Can Placement Policy Improve Math Remediation Outcomes? Evidence from Community College Experimentation
Federick Ngo and Tatiana Melguizo
Unviersity of Southern California

Student Transcript-Enhanced Placement Study (STEPS) Technical Report
Terrence Willett
The Research & Planning Group for California Community Colleges

Multiple Measures for Assessment and Placement
Multiple Measures Assessment Project Research Team
Education Results Partnership and the Research & Planning Group for California Community Colleges

Seeking a Shared Definition of Math Readiness

Alignment of Math Competencies

Alignment Between the California Common Core Content Standards for Higher Mathematics (9-12) and the California State University Entry-Level Mathematics Placement Assessment
Evelyn Young Spath
California State University, Bakersfield

What Does It Really Mean to Be College and Work Ready?
National Center on Education and the Economy

Mathematics for Whom? The Top of High School Meets the Bottom of College
Philip Daro
The Opportunity Equation

Using High School Transcripts in Placement

Long Beach Unified School District At-a-Glance, 2015-16

Bakersfield College History of Multiple Measures in Math

Seizing the 12th Grade to Support Math Readiness

Your Guide to College Readiness
California State University

EAP Senior Year Math Course
Sacramento State University


Presented by LearningWorks with support from the James Irvine Foundation, College Futures Foundation, and the California Education Policy Fund.

Summit Advisory Circle: California Community Colleges’ Success Network (3CSN), Career Ladders Project, CORE Districts, Education Insights Center, Educational Results Partnership, Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE), and WestEd.